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Your Android phone will use less battery while you sleep thanks to this new tool


 Your Android phone will use less battery while you sleep thanks to this new tool

You may have noticed that during the night, when you are not using your mobile phone, the battery continues to drain, sometimes more than you expect. And this is not because you left nothing to download or an application open. So what happens? The problem is the background processes that remain active. Especially if you use one or more sleep tracking apps.

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The independence of a mobile phone does not depend only on battery capacity, and optimizing the customization layer and the operating system itself will greatly affect power consumption, even when it is assumed to be idle.
 Google realizes this and this is why they have developed a new API for Android application developers, and this will allow them to more efficiently control when the phone is at rest during sleep and thus be able to better manage system resources.

This tool is called Sleep API and it has been available since the last update of Google Play Services. It is an activity recognition API specifically designed for applications that track sleep hours, so it consumes fewer resources and saves more battery.

Until now, developers of various Android applications who needed to know sleep patterns had to create their own tools. This is not very efficient and ultimately leads to more energy consumption if there are multiple background processes performing the same function.

Sleep API aims to consolidate all of this into one tool, to make it easier for developers and OS optimization. These changes will appear in the long term, as developers will start using Sleep API in their apps.