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When will Microsoft launch the new Windows? This is history and this is its name


 When will Microsoft launch the new Windows? This is history and this is its name

Microsoft is said to be planning to announce a new version of Windows 10 called the "New Windows" and the company may even consider marketing Windows 10X.

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Back in October 2020, a report indicated that the Windows 10 operating system is undergoing a major revamp in 2021 and that the new interface is codenamed "Windows 10 Sun Valley". Additionally, Microsoft is also planning to announce Windows 10X.
According to the sources, Microsoft is now planning its "What's new for Windows" event in April / May. The event is expected to take place after the "What's new for gaming" event scheduled for late March.

Other reports have also indicated that Microsoft may soon announce a "new Windows," which could be either the Sun Valley update or Windows 10X.

The term "new Windows" is for marketing, not an entirely new version of Windows.

It is widely believed that the Windows 10 Sun Valley update will revamp the interface to things like the Start menu and other sections, and Microsoft is also testing an optional new Start menu layout.

File Explorer, which has been late to get a new look for some time, will get improvements in Sun Valley update. Reports indicated that Microsoft is working on trying dark mode for both new and old components, which means File Explorer will also get a new dark user interface.

It is important to note that despite the many different leaks and reports, these details are by no means official.