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Watch what happens on your phone through this terrible site


 Watch what happens on your phone through this terrible site

After a lot of talk about Facebook, its controversial commercial ads, and its strange policies, such as eavesdropping on you and knowing what you are looking for or rather what you want to buy.

You should know, dear reader, that when you install the application, you have given it all the powers to do what it likes, and what you do not know also that you have agreed to 56 powers (storage - geographical location - camera - audio recording).

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And today we brought a very cool site that detects the powers of any site or application was by searching for it or writing the name of its package and then ok.

For example, type in the search on the site facebook or vibre

It brings you the number of powers, when you click on it, all of them appear with an exclamation mark! Meaning its validity is dangerous.

Facebook example permissions


Its meaning: that he can view the date calendar that you have on the phone and also get your scheduled appointments


Its meaning: He can know your phone numbers normally


Meaning: Knowing the identity and status of your phone


Meaning: He can get your personal accounts on your phone and search for them as well


What it means: it can learn, write and change contacts on your phone

Here are a few of the 56 powers.

Website link: εxodus