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How to install any image on any video clip


 How to install any image on any video clip

The computer can now carry out many complex tasks that it was not able to do before thanks to artificial intelligence, so it became possible to create human faces that do not actually exist, to other complex things such as making pictures speak with anyone else's voice and this technology is known as Deep Fake Videos We will introduce in this post a free site that provides that service.

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My Voice Your Face website

MyVoiceYourFace provides a free service through which you can make the picture speak with the voice of anyone else via artificial intelligence and without the need to install any programs on your device and all you have to do is choose the image of any person you want to install on any video of another person speaking and the artificial intelligence will take care of integrating the image with Video, so the still image is what speaks.
In order to make the picture speak correctly, follow these steps:

1. The photo and video should be cropped so that the head is mainly visible
2. Avoid rotating the image or video
3. The size of the image and video must not exceed 100 MB
4. The video should not contain music, but only speech
5. The head does not have to move much in the video

Enter the site from the link below the post, from the Pick Image button, choose an image from your device. From the Pick Video button, select a video clip, then click on the Create video button to start composing the image on the video

Wait a while for the image and the video to be uploaded, then merge them together, and after completion, you will get the result, as you can download it from the Download Video button and a copy of the video is kept on the site, and you will find many videos at the bottom of the site

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