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Thomas Tuchel: Why did the referee resort to the mouse technique?


 Thomas Tuchel: Why did the referee resort to the mouse technique?

Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel denounced the referee's resorting to the game against Manchester United to the mouse technique in one of the controversial shots between Mason Greenwood and Odoi.

Chelsea tied negatively with Manchester United in the Premier League, and Tuchel spoke to "Sky Sports".

And about not counting a penalty kick for Manchester United in the first half, with a handball on Odoi, Tuchel said: "How can we use video technology in this game?"

The Chelsea coach added: "The Manchester United player plays the ball with his hand and then we check a penalty against us? Why should the referee see this?"

"I saw it on the iPad, and I don't understand why the referee should check it," Tuchel said, "but I'm glad there was no penalty, that would have made it worse."

Tuchel: We lacked luck against Manchester United and we were close to winning

Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel expressed his happiness with his team's performance in the match against Manchester United in the English Premier League, which ended in a goalless draw.

"It was a high-quality match between two very strong teams," Tuchel told Sky Sports after the match.

He added, "We suffered in the first half, but in general it was an equal match. In the second half I thought we were really strong."

"I thought we were close to winning it, but there was a lot of quality on the field, in terms of performance, I am satisfied. We defended well and I'm very happy with that," Tuchel added.

And Abizaid: "We were not good enough in the first half of the offensive in the spaces, finding a solution was not always easy and we lost some confidence with some easy losses of the ball."

And the German coach continued: "We said in the first half, don't worry, we changed to 5-3-2 to get the ball better and restore confidence, and the players did that very well, we were very close to winning."

"I am very happy, in front of a team like Manchester United that does not get many opportunities," the Chelsea manager confirmed.

Tuchel added, "We had better chances and played in the second half. We have to accept a draw at the end and have clean sheets. We reacted very well after the end of the first half. We went to win, but that did not happen."

And he continued: "At this level at some points, maybe two chances are enough, if you do not do that, then we must be alert and aware of the counterattacks and quality from Manchester United, we did that and our defense is very good, this was an extraordinary effort and quality, we take it and continue it."

He concluded: "We are struggling with scoring goals, which is clear, but we are trying to be more precise in the close few meters. We were happy to win the Atletico Madrid match 1-0 (in the Champions League), and today that was also possible, but we missed a little bit of luck, which is It's important in games like these, where you need momentum. "