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These steps should be taken if you want to get rid of Facebook tracking and spying on you


 These steps should be taken if you want to get rid of Facebook tracking and spying on you

In light of the problems that Facebook faces due to security and privacy problems for users and that they sell user data to advertising companies, so in this article we will offer you some steps that help you protect your data that exists on Facebook, especially after what has become of interest to many Governments and institutions.

These steps should be taken if you want to get rid of Facebook tracking and spying on you

1. Install the Facebook Container add-on

This add-on is one of the browser extensions, but it is intended for users of the Firefox browser for computers, and this add-on is intended to protect your data and privacy when you use Facebook, so dear reader, if you are a Firefox user, you should install it immediately.

2. Install AdBlock or AdBlock Plus

This is one of the security researches done by some information security professionals, as installing ad-blocking extensions such as AdBlock or AdBlock Plus on the browsers you use, this will help you reduce or prevent Facebook tracking you when you use it, and the site often will not be able to track the sites that you use. You visit it, so after installing the browser on your computer, you must install one of these add-ons to block ads and also in order to get rid of Facebook tracking you.

3. Use browsers that provide protection for you

Certainly, there are many browsers that provide a great degree of protection when you use them, as they make your browsing safe and anonymous without recording any cookies on the browser, as these browsers have some tools and features that give you a great degree of safety and these tools are to prevent tracking or tracing Which prevents Facebook when you use it from tracking your page and the activities that you perform, and thus it will exploit this data after that in many ways, whether in the ads or suggestions that appear to you on Facebook.

One of the best browsers that I personally use is Brave Browser

You can also profit from watching ads if you wish

4. Stay away from the official app

You should stay away from the official Facebook application for phones. If you want to use Facebook from your phone, you can use it through one of the browsers, but you should stay away from the Facebook application itself, and the reason for this is that you want to get rid of Facebook tracking for you, but you give it permissions the first time you install The application includes on your phone such as camera, microphone, contacts, location and other permissions, so you should dear reader stay away from using the official application and you must use Facebook through browsers only.