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These are the 7 most important websites any Android user would need


 These are the 7 most important websites any Android user would need

The Internet contains more than 4 million sites and blogs, and most of them provide valuable information and this is something we are grateful for, and of course this information varies from one site to another. Each site has a specialization in a specific field, but on the other hand there are thousands of these sites with very poor content and thanks to God in This article will talk about the 7 best sites every Android user needs to know.

Every application in the Google Play Store has a description that shows the function of this application, its version and the phones it works on, but sometimes this information may not be sufficient to identify the application and also make sure of its reliability, so this site you write the name of the application and it will give you full details about it.

I personally call this site the multiple versions site, the Google Play Store always contains the latest version of the application and sometimes the last version does not work well in your phone, then you will go to this site and you will find all versions of the application that you will choose.

Third site: Evozi

The latter is very similar to the previous site as you can download APK files for any application you want and with a direct link, the site is very easy and frankly it contains many great games as well.

In fact, this is not an integrated site as it is affiliated with the Reddit platform and its mission is that it contains hundreds of paid applications on the Google Store for free or with discounts, this site will definitely be needed by everyone interested in the world of applications.

Fifth site: Google Pixel

As is the case in the previous site, this latter is also affiliated with the Reddit platform, and from its name it is developed by Google and includes a large group of wonderful applications.

Sixth site: VirusTotal

This site provides a very important service for everyone who uses the Android system, as the site analyzes APK files and identifies suspicious files, and thus avoids downloading unsafe applications.

Seventh location: AppFilter

This last site in this list is very important for everyone who is fond of trying everything new in applications, as the site includes a large category of applications, and the nice thing is that it only contains safe applications.