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The top scorer in the Spanish League after the end of the 24th round

Barcelona star Lionel Messi rose to the top of the list of scorer in the Spanish League, equal to Luis Suarez, player of Atletico Madrid, after he scored a goal in the twenty-fourth round against Cadiz.

Luis Suarez did not score in that round during the match against Levante, while Gerard Moreno scored Villarreal's goal against Athletic Bilbao.

Moroccan Youssef Al-Nassiri also missed scoring with Sevilla in the same round, in front of Osasuna.

Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema missed the match against Valladolid in the aforementioned round.

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The top scorer in the Spanish League after the end of the twenty-fourth round

Lionel Messi, Barcelona, 16 goals.

Luis Suarez, Atletico Madrid, 16 goals.

Gerrard Moreno, Villarreal, 14 goals.

Youssef Al-Nasiri, Seville, 13 goals.

Karim Benzema, Real Madrid, 12 goals.

Alexandre Isaacs, Real Sociedad, 12 goals.

Mikel Uyarzabal, Real Sociedad, 10 goals.

Jose Morales, Levante, 10 goals.

Yago Aspas, Celta Vigo, 9 goals.