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The most important and best mobile hacking tools and applications that you can try in 2021?


 The most important and best mobile hacking tools and applications that you can try in 2021?

Android is a basic system as it is open source and it is based on the Linux kernel system, which is a powerful and wonderful mobile operating system designed for smartphones, so in this article we will present to you some of the tools and ethical hacking applications that exist on the Android system that will turn your smartphone into A device for hacking and penetration checking on your phone.

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As most of the applications that we will present to you in this article were developed for educational purposes as well as for examining networks and vulnerabilities, so you are not responsible for any misuse.

1- Application to detect intruders on the Wi-Fi network

This application is effective as there are many tools that help you to fully scan any network and you can discover devices connected to any Wi-Fi network, and you can discover intruders. You can also evaluate network security risks or find out the problems that exist in the network as it helps you achieve better performance.

2- Network monitoring and user blocking application for Android

This application allows you to disable the Wi-Fi connection for other users who are on the same network, as the application checks the network connected to it and shows other users, and it also helps you to block any device or monitor the site that it is browsing, but the application works by root.

3- Computer encrypted communication application for Android

This application allows you to make a connection from your device to the computer and you can execute commands (such as "terminal" and "adb shell") and you can also edit files via SFTP, WinSCP, and Cyberduck.

4- Application of vulnerability discovery

This application is one of the best penetration testing applications on Android devices as it helps you to perform many functions such as vulnerability detection.

5- Application to control your phone remotely

The name of the application is an abbreviation for the word Remote Administration Tool for Android, which is a client / server application whose goal is to control the Android system remotely and retrieve information from it.