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The Google Photos app warns you about a new feature


 The Google Photos app warns you about a new feature

After adding the increased storage limit, new interface design, dark mode and a host of features; The Google Photos app has listed a strange novelty some time ago unknown to many users: a counter so you know when it will delete your deleted photos forever.

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This way, the trash folder displays a counter so that the user knows the moment and the minute when the photo will be deleted forever. Cursor appears as a short message directly below the image.
This feature will only appear in version 4.51 and later and is a modification of how the Google Photos app handles the trash folder. Deleted photos in Google Photos go directly to the trash, providing a type of backup that automatically gets deleted as soon as 60 days have passed from the moment the photo is deleted. A time it serves users to recover a photo that has been accidentally deleted without realizing it.

Note that the Trash folder deletes photos in the order that the user deletes the pictures after reaching 60 days. However, with this new feature in Google Photos, it is possible to know how long you have to recover before deleting it forever.

When you open the trash folder for the Google Photos app, you will see a message at the bottom indicating the number of days left to permanently delete the photo. A message above the "Delete" and "Restore" options, as can be seen in the image above.