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The best WhatsApp trick everyone should know and try


 The best WhatsApp trick everyone should know and try

It so happened to all of us that we sent a message in a group on WhatsApp (with the intention of someone seeing it in particular) and completely nobody noticed it. It's bad in groups, everyone talks a lot and some people, directly, stop looking at it. I know many people, when they have a group of 100-200 messages, they open and close the chat until the notification disappears, without reading what was sent. If you hate to be ignored, or if you order something urgent in a group that needs an answer ASAP, we will teach you a very simple trick that you will love.

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WhatsApp has evolved a lot over time, and it isn't the same app it was before. It can be better or worse than other alternatives, more or less safe, but it is clear that functions have been added which can be very useful at any time. Without a doubt, one of them is the one that we will mention in this article.
To use the flags, you just have to type the @name of the person you want to notify in the text box. This way, when you are in a group and want to talk to one or more people in particular, just type their @ and their name in order for the notice to reach them. And why is this feature useful? Because it works even when the group is silent.

The best thing is that you can use flags regardless of the operating system. This way, you can list as many users as you want, whether you are using WhatsApp for the Android or iOS system, the web version, or the desktop version. that easy! Thanks to this small WhatsApp function, they will never leave you in sight again and will pay attention to your message.