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Sony brings more PlayStation games to computers


 Sony brings more PlayStation games to computers

Sony plans to bring more PlayStation games to the PC, and (Jim Ryan) Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment in America, told GQ magazine that the first game coming this spring is Days Gone.

Game developer Bend Studio confirmed the news via Twitter, adding: Stay tuned for more details.

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Sony has shown reluctance in the past to deal with PC games, although it softened its stance last year by announcing that Guerilla Games' Horizon Zero Dawn is coming to the PC, which was launched last August.

In response to a question about why the company has changed its position, Ryan explained that there are some factors influencing, and he said: We find ourselves now in early 2021 with our development studios and the games they make better than they were before.

He added: Our studios have created some great games since the last half of the PS4 tournament in particular, and there is an opportunity to show these games to a wider audience and learn about the economics of game development, which are not always clear, and the cost of making games increases with each session, and the level of intellectual property improves.

Ryan noted that it is also easier to make PS games available to people without console, and he also revealed that there are new PSVR glasses on the way.

It remains unclear what other PlayStation games might migrate to the PC.

The PlayStation's exclusive games library is exceptionally good, so we'd love to see more Sony games arrive on our PCs in the future.

There are some clear highlights like, Last of Us 2, which many have dubbed the best game of 2020, along with God of War, which is likely to arrive in the near future after the launch of Days Gone.

Sony lagged behind for years on launching games for personal computers, and it now appears that it is easier to transfer games to those devices than ever before.

However, the essence of the decision is money, and Ryan highlights that the cost of making games is high, and as the costs increase, more copies need to be sold, but for exclusive games this can be difficult because the player pool is smaller than the multi-platform versions.

By selling its games to PC players, Sony hopes to make more money from the games it has offered.