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Solshire: We cannot give hope to Chelsea ... and we will not let Manchester City slip away at the top


 Solshire: We cannot give hope to Chelsea ... and we will not let Manchester City slip away at the top

Ole Solskjaer has asserted that his team, Manchester United, will have to win their next confrontations in order to continue the race for the Premier League title.

Manchester United will meet Chelsea next Sunday at "Stamford Bridge" in the Premier League competitions.

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And about what the team needs to reach the summit, Solskjaer said in statements published on the official website of "Manchester United":
  "We have to constantly improve and keep moving in the right direction. We know we have scored a few goals and of course we need to be a better team in defense."

And continue:
"Certainly, the number of goals we conceded even though we had 11 goals in the first three games, these three matches almost do not count in my head at the start of the season, because we were so far from being a Manchester United team."

And he said:
"We need to improve that and win tighter matches as well. We have played many games against Manchester City and Chelsea, both 0-0 and Liverpool 0-0, so we need to score goals in those matches."

When asked whether he must win the following three matches to remain in the title race, he replied: "We just have to focus on each match separately, and as you say, the three games are big."

He explained:
 "We have Chelsea behind us in the standings, we have Manchester City far in the lead, and of course we cannot allow them to run away if we have ambitions to catch up with them and we cannot give Chelsea much hope in catching them."

He stressed:
"Every game is important and from now until the international rest period will be a big period, we always say, let's look at April and May and see how we are after, so let's get to the international break and then we can focus on the second round."