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Silver Sparrow .. Harmful software affects Mac devices


 Silver Sparrow .. Harmful software affects Mac devices

Approximately 30,000 Mac computers around the world were seriously harmful software called Silver Sparrow, according to researchers at Red Canary Security Company.

A common typical picture is that Mac computers are largely immune against harmful software, this is incorrect, where

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Tony Lambert, analyst at Red Canary, said that the harmful code does not display the expected behaviors of the usual adware that often targeted Macos systems.

It is not clear what is the goal of malware, researchers said:

 SILVER SPARROW includes a self-destruction mechanism that may remove any impact, and it seems not used, and is unclear, which can lead to activating this post.

It is worth mentioning that Silver Sparrow contains code is originally operated across the M1 slide from Apple, which was released in November, making it a well-known malicious code that you do.

The researchers wrote:
 Although we did not note that Silver Sparrow offers additional harmful parts so far, but agreed with the M1 slice, global access, and the relatively high infection rate, and the operating maturity indicates that Silver Sparrow represents a serious threat.

SILVER SPARROW hit 153 countries from February 17, with higher concentrations in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, France and Germany, according to data from MalwareBytes, which prevents ransom attacks.

Red Canary is further details, including how they discovered multiple versions target Intel chips, as well as the M1 chip, given that the operating devices in this chip are still modern.

Patrick Wardle, Patrick Wardle, earlier this month, published a story about the first harmful software targeting new Apple chips.

The researchers warn that Apple's transmission of Intel slices into its own chipset may make it easy for pirates to introduce harmful software.