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Sheffield goalkeeper after losing to Liverpool: We faced world-class players


 Sheffield goalkeeper after losing to Liverpool: We faced world-class players

Sheffield United goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale expressed his disappointment after losing today’s match to Liverpool in the Premier League championship.

Sheffield United lost two goals without a response, in the twenty-sixth round.

Rumsdale said in statements published by the "BBC" global network: "We have given everything tonight, in the first half and most of the second times we expressed ourselves well."

He added, "Liverpool's players are world-class and they can do what they achieve against any team."

He continued: "Of course there is disappointment in our dressing room, because we could have gotten something from tonight's match."

He continued: "There were several times this season in which I could have performed better. It is good for me to save some balls tonight, but this is my job."

He concluded, "Some of the criticisms I was subjected to were justified, and some were not."

Jones after Liverpool's victory against Sheffield: I dedicate my goal to Alison and his father

Curtis Jones, the Liverpool player, dedicated his goal in today's match against Sheffield United in the Premier League to his colleague Alison Baker and his father.

Liverpool won two unanswered goals against Sheffield in the 26th round of the English Premier League.

Jones was able to score the first Liverpool goal in the 48th minute of the match.

"It was a difficult time for me and the rest of the team. This goal is for Alison and his father and his family. I would like to give them my goal," Jones said in statements to Sky Sports.

Alison had missed today's match due to the tragic death of his father, who drowned in the early hours of last Thursday morning.

He continued: "If Alison watches the match, my goal is for you, brother. He is a strong boy and represents a large part of the team. He is not with us today, but we definitely miss him."

He added, "The team's performance was great. I'm happy that I scored a goal, and happy for Firmino as well, and for the rest of the team as well."

He continued: "I am happy that we got the points and came back again. I am a player who loves to help and score goals. It is now time to do that."

"We played well but didn't score enough," she concluded. "Tonight we did it all together."