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Seven dangerous and deadly powers in your Android phone if you agree to them will pay a lot


 Seven dangerous and deadly powers in your Android phone if you agree to them will pay a lot

The Android system is one of the best operating systems currently at the level of smartphones, as it is the most widespread system among smart phone companies and users of this system love it for many and multiple reasons, perhaps the most important of which is the possibility of customization that it provides to users in addition to it is an open source system which allows developers to modify the system in shape They want. But the problem facing most operating systems in the recent period is the problem of protecting privacy and security that has become a concern for many users, which prompts the user to take all possible measures to protect his phone because most studies have shown that most attacks that threaten devices are often due to a mistake he committed. The user, and in the Android system, the applications require certain powers to work on the phone, and the powers mean the application’s ability to access the various components of the phone such as the camera or to your personal information and others and to install any application without paying attention to these powers is a big problem, so in today's post I will introduce you to the worst seven Powers of the most dangerous on the Android system and how to protect yourself from them.

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Authenticate accounts

This permission allows applications to access sensitive data on your accounts, and if the application aims to penetrate it, it will be able to access your important data such as passwords for your accounts, bearing in mind that the applications that protect such powers are applications of famous and reliable companies such as Google and Facebook.

Read sensitive log data

This permission is intended for the application's ability to access the so-called log data, and then this application will be able to send logins and exits that belong to you, and if the application is not trusted, it may send this information to insecure and poorly protected servers.

Read contacts

Another dangerous power that allows applications to access your contacts on your phone, as this application will be able to penetrate the contacts and thus your phone has become hacked, as your contacts may be used to send malicious software by sending an email from your phone.

Write secure settings

This permission allows applications to read the system settings and modify them, although it is one of the few widespread powers, but it is also considered one of the most dangerous powers, and all users of the Android system should avoid applications that request this permission, especially users who have the root on their phones.

Process outgoing calls

This permission is for communication applications only, so if any other application requests these permissions, this means that the application is requesting unnecessary permissions and does not need them, which is called over-permissioned, and therefore the application is suspect.

Send SMS

Special validity for messaging applications and giving such authority to any application may cause a large bill due to the ability to send messages without limits and without your knowledge, so you should not give this permission to any application that does not need this authority.

Read social stream

This feature has become available due to social media applications, where a large amount of your personal information resides within these applications, which means that any application that requests this permission will be able to access this important personal information and may penetrate your account on these sites.
As for the solution to protect yourself from these dangerous powers, it is a very simple solution and is summarized in the attention when installing any new application on your smartphone, especially if it is from an unofficial source such as the Google Play Store, and to make sure of the powers that the application requests before installing it on the phone to avoid falling into the trap of the dreaded hack .