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Salah never passes the ball and was treated like royalty in Florence


 Salah never passes the ball and was treated like royalty in Florence

Former England player Mika Richards, who joined Mohamed Salah at Fiorentina, said that the current Liverpool winger never passed the ball, saying that he was treated like royalty two months after his move to the team

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Richards said in statements to "Anfield Rap" interested in Liverpool: "Mo never passes the ball, but he was able to shine in Fiorentina because he managed to score great goals, and some think that he reached the summit with Roma, and this is what brought him to Liverpool, but the truth is that he played with himself." Level with Fiorentina. "

"He may not have scored a lot of goals but his influence in every match has been a lot of sponsorship."

 he added:

"Sometimes we would go out to have coffee together, but we couldn't go anywhere else, well, I could but he couldn't because after only two months he was like royalty in Florence."

 Mohamed Salah played a 6-month loan deal with Fiorentina in the 2014-2015 season before heading to AS Roma.