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Raiola on Manchester United affected by his comments about Pogba


 Raiola on Manchester United affected by his comments about Pogba

Raiola on Manchester United being affected by his comments about Pogba: If I were that strong, FIFA wouldn't exist

Mino Raiola, the agent of Manchester United player Paul Pogba, confirmed that he had not caused the destabilization of the English club after statements he made in December about the future of the Frenchman.

Raiola raised the controversy over Pogba's future with the Red Devils, after he said that his client's time at Old Trafford was over and that he should change club as soon as possible.

A day after the statements, Manchester United lost to Leipzig by three goals to two goals in the final round of the Champions League group stage, to deposit the English team in the European Championship.

Some saw that Raiola's comments affected the stability of Manchester United before a fateful match in the Champions League.

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But Raiola denied this, as he said in statements published by the "BBC" global network:

  "Manchester United then had the best period of the season, so the facts don't say what you say."

He added:
  "I saw what happened and that is why I gave an interview in Italy 10 days ago and now I don't want to talk about it anymore. I keep my opinion for myself and my players and the press is getting my normal answer (I don't, I don't know, I'm not talking about the market)."
 And he continued:

 "I voiced an opinion, I didn't want to cause a problem, the opinion was very simple, I don't think it destabilized anyone because they gave a great performance, they were the leaders in the league for a while, so all that is said is just nonsense."

He continued:

"A player who is 27 years old, a great player like Pogba or a coach like Solshire, who has won everything in his life, is really shaken by what Mino Raiola says? Great, if I had that strength, FIFA wouldn't exist anymore, that's for sure." .

He concluded:

 "But I didn't talk about it anymore. It's not the time to talk about the market. It makes life a little boring but that's what it is."