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Putting drunk in smartphones if you use the phone while you are drunk


 Putting drunk in smartphones if you use the phone while you are drunk

The idea of an app that prevents some people who have been cursed by God from using their phone when they are drunk is not new. We've seen this idea in movies like "The Intership", however, today this technology has become a reality, and plans to reach smartphones in the short term.
A new smartphone drunk mode will save you from the embarrassment if you are using the phone while drunk

Chinese company Gree Electronics has registered a smartphone patent that seeks to restrict users from using applications and functions when they are drunk.
The patent describes that operating this technology is simple, as its function is basically to activate a kind of "modo lite" in the users' device, something that can actually be done on phones from companies like Xiaomi or Huawei. Although in the case of these devices, their operation is not intended for drunks, but for elderly people or users who do not want to complicate their device.

For Sugar Mode to work, the user must adjust certain settings while still awake, so they must choose the apps and functions to be restricted. For example, people can choose to block WhatsApp, not make calls, or send SMS messages to avoid annoying calls to ex-partners during the first hours when drunk.

This function must be activated manually before starting to drink, since this technology of Gree Electronics is not able to determine whether the user is intoxicated or not, but if it is activated, it can determine the user's drunkenness due to various tests that must be passed before unlocking the phone .

When will this technology reach Android and IOS?

Due to the fact that it is a patent, it is not yet possible to see this technology in action, however, the idea of Gree Electronics is that manufacturers can use its patents on their phones.

  On the other hand, it is possible that this technology will not be used in the iPhone, unless Apple pays to use the patent and make modifications to its operating system.