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Prevent annoying site notifications from appearing when you enter them


 Prevent annoying site notifications from appearing when you enter them

Google Chrome supports desktop notifications. This means that when you use an app or web service that can display notifications such as Facebook or YouTube, etc., the notification can be delivered via the native notification system for your operating system. It's useful, but almost every website is trying to send you notifications and you should reject them. If this bothers you, you can disable notification requests from websites in Chrome.

Block Website Notification Requests: is an add-on for Google Chrome, through which you can block all website notifications when entering them, as after you install the extension, it will work automatically and prevent any message from appearing from the site that you visit.

It is very simple, you only need to add it to your browser, and after installing the add-on, its icon will appear next to the address bar, you do not have to do anything after it, as the extension will work automatically and will block all annoying website messages and notifications.