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Pokémon Unite for Android: the new Pokémon game everyone has been waiting for


 Pokémon Unite for Android: the new Pokémon game everyone has been waiting for

Are you a fan of Pokémon? No then, we have great news for you. The company has just launched the Pokémon Unite beta for Android on Google Play. It's not available for download yet, but we already know when the subtraction phase will start and what the game dynamics are. It is an all-new game where you can use Pokémon to fight other players. The game's dynamics have nothing to do with the old Pokémon Go release.

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It was announced today that the beta phase of the game will start in March, that is, in a few days. This trial version will be available first in some regions of the world and for Android phones only. It is not fully known which countries will receive this beta or how long the trial phase will last.
 This kind of beta phase can last for two weeks or several months, so it is not completely known when you will be able to download and run the stable version on your Android device.

The new Pokémon mobile game is something completely different from what we're used to. This is not a classic console game and it is not Pokémon Go. The new version is based on the multiplayer battlefield game.

In the game, they will face 5 against 5 on a battlefield, which may be reminiscent of League Of Legends.

You will have hundreds of creatures available, and you can develop them as you play and attack in various ways. The game is completely based on team strategy, so playing with friends would be a great feature.
There are many users waiting for Pokémon Unite for Android mobile phones, which is getting closer and closer. Now you just have to wait to see if the trial version can be downloaded in your region and then wait for the stable version of the game on Google Play Of course, it will be a free game.