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How to know all the secret codes for phones to enter the secret settings


 How to know all the secret codes for phones to enter the secret settings

Using apps like PhoNetInfo, you can see a list of all the codes included in any Android mobile phone. These hidden icons are activated from diagnostic menus to advanced settings. And let you know in detail how each Android device works.

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Mobile secret codes are numbers that we put in the calling application and that are used to open service menus, hidden settings, and smartphone tests. Each company implements its own codes although there is a set of them that work in all Android phones, such as the code (* # 06 #) to find out the IMEI number. With such a huge variety, it is very difficult to know which codes work on every phone; Although there is a very simple way to find out with the PhoNetInfo app.

PhoNetInfo application

PhoNetInfo provides all the information about the secret codes included in your mobile phone. It is a very complete app to dive into phone information.

Once you install the app, you only need to do the following to discover your phone's secret code list:

Open PhoNetInfo.

- Go to the top tab marked "secret codes".

You will see the full list of available codes and their functionality.

The information provided by PhoNetInfo is very interesting if you are interested in knowing what your mobile phone is hiding behind its secret codes. Although we recommend that you be very careful with what you change from the diagnostic menus as you can change the operation of the phone