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New and terrible application to control and use your phone with one hand


 New and terrible application to control and use your phone with one hand

Everyone uses cell phones nowadays, and sometimes it is difficult to control a smartphone with just one hand. That's why today we're showing you how to use a pointer to easily control a large cell phone.

In earlier times, cell phones were smaller in many ways. However, the main idea of ​​a smartphone is that you can control it using the screen. It's about touching and interacting with everything through touches. So, more screen means more control space

But the trend is clear: cell phones have increased ceaselessly. Some don't even fit in our pockets. Bettors are increasingly betting on the phablet concept at superior ranges. But what hasn't been developing at the same pace are mobile interfaces. Therefore, it is difficult today to use modern phones with one hand. You can't get to the top comfortably as the user experience is still designed for smaller screens.

You will need to control your phone with one hand using the Reachability Cursor app where when opening your finger the mouse will play with the Reachability cursor.

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The image above is the best way to understand it. From the side a point is pulled to control the mobile phone. The app is free and without ads, but if you pay for the Pro version you can customize almost everything. You can set the indicator and the area in which you are working, customize how the notification panel appears, an advanced mode with gestures and other details.

  Application download link: Reachability Cursor