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A new launcher will make you love your phone and be a more productive person


 A new launcher will make you love your phone and be a more productive person

Mobile customization is something Android users appreciate and can be accomplished in several ways. Launcher is the easiest way to change the look of your phone, which also allows you to make better use of it. The choice of Android launchers is wide, we already told you about a lot of them before. And now Niagara Launcher has been added to this list.

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Niagara Launcher has come out of beta and now the first stable release for Android phones. We are faced with a simple unprecedented striving to use the phone efficiently, and to avoid spending too much time on applications that we should not use.
Niagara Launcher has simple aesthetics, allowing for comfortable use of it. One of the interesting aspects of this launcher is that it allows us to choose eight applications, which will be the ones that are displayed at all times on the main screen. So we will have those apps that we use most or more importantly always accessible from the home screen. This will allow you to reduce the usage of unnecessary apps and only use the essential ones. If there are apps that we don't want to see, Launcher allows us to hide them.

The rest of the applications will be in the form of a list that can be accessed from the sides of the screen and we can easily navigate between them, in addition to that this design is designed to be used with one hand. This is something that contributes to the lightness of the launcher, it is light and it hardly consumes any resources on the phone, so it always gives a smooth experience.

The home screen is important to Niagara Launcher, because we can see information about the messages on it, which allows us to view the messages in full or respond to them directly. Also when playing music, a box will be displayed on the main screen, where we can easily control the playback.

  Uncharted also has a dark. It also supports icon packs, allowing you to also change app icons individually.

Download link: Niagara Launcher