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Mustafa Mohamed goal against Alanya Sport


 Mustafa Mohamed goal against Alanya Sport

Mustafa Mohamed is in the main formation of his team, after his brilliance during the last two confrontations against Basaksehir, and the goal of winning at the summit of Fenerbahce.

This is the third confrontation of Mustafa Mohamed with Galatasaray, and the second for him as a main player with the team since joining.

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Match details:

The match began quietly between the two sides, amid not dangerous attempts by Galatasaray to threaten the opponent's goal.

The first dangerous ball in the match came for Alanya Sport in the 25th minute, through Salih Okan, who received a ball inside the penalty area, and fired a powerful ball that bounced off the crossbar of Galatasaray.

In the 31st minute, Alanya Sport striker Babacar scored the first goal after a wonderful pass from the Galatasaray defense.

Mustafa Muhammad almost responded quickly in the 33rd minute, after a cross pass by those who spoiled, but his ball passed by the post ... To see the shot, click here

Davidson added the second goal for Alanya Sport in the 42nd minute, after receiving a pass inside the penalty area to hit the right of the goalkeeper to settle the net, and the first half ended with Alanya Sport leading two clean goals.

In the second half, Babacar added the third goal for Alanya Sport from a penalty kick in the 48th minute, to widen the gap against Galatasaray.

Mustafa Muhammad almost scored a goal for his team in the 64th minute, after his shot collided with the post ... To see the shot, click here

Galatasaray's attempts continued, for Mostafa Mohamed to score the first goal for his team in the 83rd minute, after following up with a powerful shot that rebounded from Alanya Sport's goalkeeper, to score it in the net.