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Mohamed Salah loses in the challenge of the hour .. "Gedo" is the reason


 Mohamed Salah loses in the challenge of the hour .. "Gedo" is the reason

Mohamed Salah loses in the Hour Challenge: The Egyptian international, Liverpool winger, Mohamed Salah, was unable to win the "Challenge of the Hour" that he made after winning the best goal award last January at the level of the English Premier League.

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Salah failed to answer the question directed to him.

The question was: Who are the Egyptians who have scored eight goals in the English Premier League?

Mojmed Salah was unable to answer quickly. It was the same speed as he scored his second goal against West Ham in the league, which won the best goal award last January.

Salah also replied that those who registered are Ahmed Hossam Mido, Amr Zaki, Mohamed Nagy “Gedo”, Mahmoud Hassan “Trezeguet”, Ahmed Hegazy, and me and Ibrahim Saeed.

The correct answer to the challenge

Mohamed Salah mentioned 5 correct names. While Ibrahim Saeed did not participate in any of the matches when he joined Everton on loan. So he didn't score goals, so did Jedo. Where Mohamed Nagy scored in the Champions League only.

The three correct names that Mohamed Salah did not mention were, they are, Hussam Ghaly, Ramadan Sobhi, Ahmed Al Muhammadi.