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Mohamed Salah is close to achieving a new record


 Mohamed Salah is close to achieving a new record

Egyptian Pharaoh Mohamed Salah, the player of the Egyptian national team and a professional in the ranks of the English team Liverpool, moving to him through the Italian gate through the Roma team, a few millimeters away from achieving a historical number that is added to his achievements.

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Where Salah moves away from being alone in the list of Premier League scorers from the continent throughout history, and the list of the most African players scored goals in the Premier League with only 12 goals.

The Egyptian Pharaoh was able to score 92 goals since his arrival in the English Premier League, starting with the Chelsea team, after he moved to him from the Swiss Basel team.

Mo Salah is ranked fourth in the list of the most scored African players in the English Premier League, after he managed to score 92 goals.

And there is in the list of scorers in the first place player Drogba, the striker of the Cote d'Ivoire national team, with 104 goals.

Next to Drogba comes Adebayor, the Togolese star, scoring 97 goals.

The Nigerian player, Yakubu Ijibiti, is third, scoring 95 goals.

Salah Al-Pharaoh, the Egyptian star, is fourth, with 92 goals.

After Salah, in fifth place, is the star of the Senegalese national team and Rafik Salah in Liverpool, Sadio Mane, with 91 goals separated by only one goal from Salah.

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