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Liverpool may resort to selling Mohamed Salah and Mani at the end of the season


 Liverpool may resort to selling Mohamed Salah and Mani at the end of the season!

Press reports revealed that Liverpool officials are considering allowing the departure of the attacking duo of the first football team, Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane, at the end of the current season. Mohamed Salah and Mane were associated with the possibility of leaving, especially with the interest of the Spanish league giants Barcelona and Real Madrid, but so far, no official offer has reached Liverpool.

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According to the British Sunday Times journalist, Duncan Castles, Liverpool have 3 players in the attack in the late twenties, with the desire of Spanish clubs to include Mohamed Salah and Mane.

"The two players also have a desire to move to Spain before the end of their football career, and to get a large annual salary," the journalist said in statements carried by the English network HITC.

He concluded:
 "Liverpool is open to the idea of ​​the departure of Mohamed Salah and Mane if they do not have the motivation and desire to stay in the club, and there are good financial offers to benefit financially in exchange for selling this duo and compensating them with other deals to renew the blood of the English team."

 Okocha advises Salah to move to Barcelona

Nigerian football legend GG Okocha gave advice to Egyptian star Mohamed Salah, the Barcelona player, regarding his future.

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Okocha said in a press statement: "Mohamed Salah must take seriously the choice to leave Liverpool, because the team is retreating, and he must leave the English Premier League."

He continued: "I think that Salah has a wonderful opportunity, like going to Barcelona. If there is an opportunity to go to Barca, I recommend that."

It is worth noting that there are many doubts about Salah's future with Liverpool, with speculation that he will leave next summer, especially to the two clubs of the Spanish League.