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Liverpool defender: We have fallen into a trap


 Liverpool defender: We have fallen into a trap

"We have fallen into a trap" ... a sentence in which Liverpool defender Trent Alexander Arnold summed up what happened to his team this season.

Liverpool's hopes of preserving the Premier League title have become very slim, as it slipped to sixth place and moved 16 points behind leaders Manchester City.

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Trent said in remarks, most notably by Anfield Watch:

"The trap that we fell into this season is that we expected to win matches at times because we have the quality to achieve victories in any way."

The young defender added:

  "It happened naturally last season and the previous season."

Then he said:

"But that didn't happen because we were just lucky. It happened because we were working hard until the last minute of every match."

He ended his speech:
"I think this season maybe we forgot some of those basics and expected to do so easily because it has become so natural for us."

 Liverpool's balance in the Premier League is stalled at point 40 in sixth place, ahead of Everton, who dropped the Reds at Anfield this week.

The defeat was the seventh for Liverpool this season, and the fourth in a row after losing to Brighton, Manchester City and Leicester City.

Liverpool lost 4 consecutive matches at home for the first time since 1923. That is, 98 years ago.

Liverpool are preparing to meet Sheffield United in the Premier League on Sunday.