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Learn the causes of slow phone charging and try to avoid them


Learn the causes of slow phone charging and try to avoid them

We suffer in many cases from the low charge of our phone battery, there are many reasons that cause us to do this, we notice that we have put the phone in the charger, and for those who return to it after a half an hour, for example, we find that the battery has charged 2% for example. Example, and we go crazy after that.

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There are many common reasons that cause the weak charging of the mobile phone battery, but there are those who have false beliefs about these reasons, and therefore it is necessary to know these reasons exactly to avoid doing some unnecessary solutions to charge the phone battery very quickly, and in the event we sweat these exact reasons The solution has become easy and we will get fast shipping in a short time.

Let us know the reasons for slow phone charging:

1- Problems with the charging cable

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The charging cable is the main part in the process of charging the phone, as it plays a big role in the speed of charging, so when we notice a slow charging of the phone, we must first make sure of the integrity of the USB connection by making sure that there is no break in the connection or the entrance to the link that is connected In the phone, here it is necessary to switch the connection to another connection, in case we notice slow charging.

2- Weakness in the source of electricity

Causes of slow phone charging, try to avoid them until it charges quickly

There are many people who use a computer to charge their phone, as they will definitely notice a slow charging process, and therefore because the amount of energy entering the charging cable is not the same as the amount of energy that comes through a regular power socket, so you must rely on strong electricity that helps In charging the phone quickly and correctly.

3- Weak and outdated charger

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The main phone charger is one of the important elements that play a big role in the speed of charging the phone, therefore it is necessary to have an original charger suitable for our phone, while avoiding the use of counterfeit and non-original chargers, as it will not only lead to slow charging, but also will destroy the phone And it burns out sometimes, so it is imperative to have an original charger for the phone.

4- Old phone

We all know that modern phones have more advantages than old phones, as the charging process in new phones is dozens of times faster than old phones, and therefore you should pay attention to this note while we ship our phone.

5- Battery problems

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Certainly the phone without a battery will not work at all, so the battery is the important factor in the process of charging the phone, after we have exhausted many possible solutions to get fast charging, you must make sure that the phone battery is not swollen and this indicates its malfunction, as well as in addition to slow charging we will notice smuggling The charge from the phone, and therefore this battery must be replaced with a better and faster battery.

6- Applications running in the background

There is something that we must realize while shipping our phone, which is to make sure that there are no applications running in the background, because these applications will slow the charging of the phone significantly, and the charging will drain significantly, and for this we must close all applications before putting the mobile in Charger and with this we will get a charge many times faster than before.