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Klopp: You feel satisfied after the victory against Sheffield


 Klopp: You feel satisfied after the victory against Sheffield ... and Ramsdale prevented us from scoring more

Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp commented on their victory in today's match against Sheffield United in the Premier League championship.

Liverpool won two goals without a response, in the twenty-sixth round of the tournament.

"We feel a lot of satisfaction, the result is important to us," Klopp said in statements published by the BBC. "We won 2-0 only because of how distinguished Ramsdale (Sheffield goalkeeper) was."

He added, "Everyone who sees Sheffield and his style of play knows very well how hard you have to work against them. We created a lot of chances and had to advance by three goals. Robo was able to score a hat-trick tonight."

He continued: "Our plan was to continue and do the same things again. When we played as we wanted, the opponent could not deal with us. Sheffield lost a lot of their matches, but by a narrow margin, it is clear that these matches remain exciting until the end."

He continued: "What we created from the opportunities was very good, the final touches of the attacks were good enough today, but we can improve."

And he added: "Jones? He is a great player and that is why he plays. He must participate more in places that qualify him to score goals. There is certainly room for improvement, but it is good to see what he has presented tonight."

He continued: "Capac and Phillips both played a great game. You don't understand how difficult it is with all the long balls, but they played well with the ball."

He continued: "We showed that we are still there. We will play against Chelsea on Thursday. We have to show what we did again. We must win the matches. We know that and there is no way to qualify for the Champions League without results."