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Klopp: We didn't blame Alison for the mistakes in the City match


 Klopp: We did not blame Alison for the mistakes in the City match 

Liverpool coach Juergen Klopp denied blaming his Brazilian goalkeeper Alisson Becker for mistakes he made in his last league match against Manchester City.

Liverpool fell at home at Anfield, losing the league to Manchester City since 2003, 4-1, in a match that witnessed catastrophic errors by Alison that caused the loss and increased the goal difference.

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Liverpool is preparing to face Leicester City in the 24th round of the Premier League next Saturday at the Blue Foxes Stadium.

At the pre-match press conference, Klopp said: 
"It is important to know that goalkeepers make mistakes during their long careers."
Klopp added
"For us, we did not blame Alison for the mistakes he made in the City match. We know how good he is, and we are confident in his ability to overcome it."

 And the Liverpool coach continued:

"We are currently going to play a new game against Leicester City, and this is good for Alison to play and regain his usual form again, and after that everything will be normal."


About his new deals, Klopp said: "Kapak and Davis are training well with the team, and now we have spent more training sessions together to adapt to our defensive way, and this is very important."

Klopp concluded, "I have to make a decision about the new duo's participation in the Leicester City match tomorrow, of course, but we also have good options like Phelps."