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Huge leaks about GTA 6: launch date, tournament, game world and more


 Huge leaks about GTA 6: launch date, tournament, game world and more 

Many of us must have reservations about all the information and details published about the GTA 6 game, which we learned indirectly that it is already under development without any details from Rockstar about it so far, but the leaks continue to arrive and may be accurate and perhaps not, but the latest of these leaks that were published Recently deleted it may immediately arouse little suspicion.

This information was published through the 4Chan website, but it was quickly deleted by the site’s administration for unknown reasons (through the Reddit site). Therefore, this puts us in front of two directions. The first is that this information is fake and has been deleted or that this information came from accurate sources and was removed at the request of Rockstar, which silently monitors the Internet, removes something that may reveal the details of its upcoming projects.

Here in this report we will put for you all the leaks that took place in the form of points, but we come back and mention that this information is not official and from an unknown source, but confirms previous leaks related to the time and personal period.

GTA 6 leaks

1- We'll return to the RDR2-like class system and the first two chapters set in the late 1970s

2- One male hero (codenamed Ricardo which was previously leaked).

3- The game map covers Miami / Florida and will be smaller in size and with limited interaction (similar to Guarma in RDR2)

4- The source claims Dan Houser left because he exhausted himself after working on RDR2 and could return in the future

5- The main story is expected to span around 60 hours of gameplay

6- Its GTAO online mode will be released a few months after its single player release (something similar to what they did with RDR2 and Red Dead Online)

7- The leak claims that the GTA 6 story will be the best story ever set in the GTA series but it's not quite as emotional as RDR2.

8- The map is smaller than RDR2 but denser.

9- There will be many mini games in the game world such as surfing, windsurfing and derby roll games.

10- RDR1 will get an enhanced version of "Remaster" and it will be launched before GTA 6

11- Extensive improvements to the AI ​​system for NPCs and the example of the improved artificial intelligence design, according to the leak, is, "You might see one of the NPCs released quickly and try to overtake other vehicles because they are late for work."

12- GTA 4 "The Family" was mentioned and Love Fist will also be seen appearing in some of the main and side missions.

13- The system of effects will be deep and unprecedented, as we will see the effect of close explosions on the characters, such as tearing the body or cutting limbs, breaking bones and the appearance of wounds in the event of minor injuries.

14- The level of nudity and sex scenes will be similar to Cyberpunk 2077

15- The developers are impressed with the Sony Playstation 5 and the load times are surprisingly good for a game of this size and detail and will also use some of the special effects that are found on the game's Dualsense controller.

16- Priority is given to home appliances so that the PC version will be released later after optimization.

17- During the game, the player's appearance and appearance, as in San Andreas, will be affected, but not greatly. You will also notice people's comments on your choices for the clothes you wear.

18- The RDR2 game will also get an improved version for the new generation that does not fix the graphics greatly, but provides better loading times and offers 60fps performance.

19- A female game was contemplated and the idea was in existence until 2017 but has not been finalized as it does not fit with the GTA narration.

20- Hero should be 34 years old by the end of the game. (What I think here is that you might play the protagonist's father during the 1970's and then as the modern era hero).

21- The main character is a 6.1-foot white male of Italian descent who grew up in America and has dark black hair.

22- When someone asked if a modified version of GTASA was coming, the leak stated, "The memory is coming, right?"

23- The car customization has been improved over GTA 5 so the cars will change over time, as will the clothes and hairstyles. Old cars become less common over time, and if someone sees you driving an old car, they might call it a piece of scrap.

24- The leak states that the "Mexican" from the previous leak is a very wealthy man who will be in the game and trade in contraband

25- There will be a role for the mafia in the game, but the squadron refused to share more details.

26- There will be some missions in Liberty City but they will be very limited due to the influence of the big mafia family there.

27- Pop and rock have a large part of the soundtrack. Pet Shop Boys have a few tracks in the game.

28- Dan Houser co-wrote the idea for the game, but he didn't finish it until the end.

29- The events of the political game are "incorrect", according to the source.

30- The weather will be dynamic, the storms and the weather will have crazy effects.

31- GTA 6 could be announced as early as Spring 2022.

32- Rockstar is targeting October (10) of 2023 as a launch date.