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How to get free RDP, 16 GB RAM, with incredible internet speed


 How to get free RDP, 16 GB RAM, with incredible internet speed

In a new post for today, I will present to you a new and easy way to get a free RDP account for a whole month, with a capacity of 6 GB in RAM and an area of 200 GB, and the method is very easy and you will only need a few minutes and you will not need a bank card or anything else and for those who do not know What is RDP, it is a computer that you can control remotely by what is known as the remote desktop, where you can connect to another computer (or server) through its own protocol, and this computer has terrible features that may not be found in your computer.
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One of the things that you can do on this computer is to upload and download files, as any rdp you will find is characterized by terrible internet speed and allows you to benefit from it by downloading and uploading movies, programs, games and various other files and you may find that the most famous movie sites and download sites are using RDP.
Not only that, through it you will also be able to use programs that a normal computer cannot run, such as well-known programs such as huge montage programs such as After Effects, graphics, and various programs that need large specifications, and that is that you often find that the rdp contains high specifications in terms of RAM Which bypasses the 16 GB barrier, and a professional graphics card intended for designers only.
One of the advantages is also anonymity and security, which is a terrible feature that hackers and spammers most benefit from, as they hide when doing fraudulent operations using an rdp account, such as buying from shopping sites with stolen accounts and testing accounts to ensure their validity and sometimes they use them to send spam messages to emails, these are some of the features and now we will move to Explain the correct way to obtain this rdp, follow the explanation.
First you have to go to the websites link that you will find at the bottom of this post, and then you will open an account by clicking on Make Now

Then you will click on continue

And immediately after that, you will complete the appropriate information to open an account in this way

After opening a Souq account, click on Continue To Client Area to access the rdp information

Then you will find the login information that you will need to access the computer that you will be controlling

After that it will open the Remote Desktop tool to enter the information

Congratulations to you rdp for a month

Website link: freerdpserver