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How to find paid apps that have become free on Google Play quickly


 How to find paid apps that have become free on Google Play quickly

Sometimes, Google launches quick offers in which the prices of many games and applications can drop or become completely free, which are basically paid applications. However, the official app market does not give you this kind of information for this same reason, today we will explain how to find free apps for a limited time on Google Play.
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There is a free app that helps you do this easily. Why? Because it searches Google Play Store for all the apps that currently have a discount or appear as free and it automatically lists them. And if you're concerned about when a particular app goes on sale, the app sends you an alert notification so you can be aware.
The first thing you should do is install an app called AppsFree, it will help you find offers. You can do this quickly by pressing the button below these lines.

On the AppsFree homepage, you will see all the apps and games that have become free or have their price reduced. The list includes the name of the app, the developer, the original price, the term of sale, the current rating of the app, and the number of downloads. In this way, you can click on it and download it

You can have this app send you alerts about any offer that interests you, to do so select the three-line menu in the upper left corner and select 'Alerts'. A pop-up window will appear with a list of different categories of apps and games. The default "popular apps" menu contains popular apps and games that are currently for sale. Select the category of apps and games for which you want to receive alerts when they are free and choose 'Accept'.

From now on, you will receive a notification every time an app in this category is temporarily free.

Link: AppsFree