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How did this person make $ 16,000 in one night while he was asleep?


 How did this person make $ 16,000 in one night while he was asleep?

Digital content creation is one of the contemporary ways to earn a living. For many, this includes publishing videos on YouTube or broadcasting on platforms like Twitch or Facebook Gaming, i.e. activities that generally require an active role on the part of everyone who creates the said content.

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But there are people who have a vision for content creation and monetization, Andy Andy is one of them where he had a clever idea of ​​making money just to sleep - or rather, try to sleep.
And the 26-year-old left in his viewers' hands the possibility not to let him sleep, in exchange for financial contributions.

To achieve this, he enabled several functions while he was broadcasting on Twitch while he was asleep, such as text-to-speech and raising the volume to the maximum so that when he pushed someone he sends a text that turns into voice and notifies him and plays music to try to wake him up.

In other words, all the noise to prevent Andy Asi from falling asleep was the result of money paid by everyone who watches him.

At the end of the live broadcast, the man realized that he had earned a total of $ 16,000, thanks to people determined to keep him from sleeping. This video is a summary of that night full of hype and money: