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Here are 7 hidden tricks you did not know about the Play Store, and some of them will surprise you


 Here are 7 hidden tricks you did not know about the Play Store, and some of them will surprise you

The Play Store is one of the best and largest smartphone application stores, especially those that operate on the Android system, and the Play Store includes more than a million applications in various fields, and many people on the Internet can make sums of money by publishing their own applications and reaping Money in exchange for advertisements that appear to users, and among the things known and circulating with everyone about the Play Store as nothing but a normal application store, we can download the applications we need on a daily basis, whether free or paid, but in today's post I wanted to share with you 7 hidden tricks You have never tried it and it is useful, and you will need it right after reading this post.

Here are 7 hidden tricks you did not know about the Play Store, and some of them will surprise you

1. Refund all of your money

We all know that in the Play Store there are a large number of applications that you can not install on your Android phone except by paying a sum of money through which you can buy the application and use it in your phone, but if you purchased this application and it did not provide you with the required service then here you can recover your money that You paid it even though you bought this application, and all this by going to the account settings in the Play Store application, then selecting the order history, and then you will see a list of paid applications that you have purchased and you can recover your money by clicking on the refund option.

2. Block all apps from auto-updating

In our Android phones there are countless applications that receive new updates from time to time, including a set of new additions that enable us to use the application to the fullest, but sometimes these sudden updates may drain us an important percentage of the Internet package in our phone, especially If the application that received the update was an important application such as the Facebook application, to get rid of this matter what you need to do:

Just go to the Play Store application settings and then disable the automatic update of applications option until you get rid of this command successfully.

3- Prevent the application icon from appearing on the Home screen

Many Android users want to have applications that enable them to hide the applications installed in their phones so that they are not discovered by anyone else.

For this, all you have to do to hide the icon of any application is to go to the settings of the Play Store application and then remove the checkmark on the option to add an icon on the home screen.

4. Create your favorite list of applications

Knowing that all applications differ from one to the other according to the field of each application, such as social media applications, games, news and many other important areas, so all you have to do is to create your own favorites for each field.

Go to the main page of each application and to the left of the page, you will find a preference. Simply click on it, and the application will be added to your favorite applications list.

5. Prevent one application from auto-updating

I previously shared with you the first method to prevent automatic updating of all applications on your phone only through settings in the Play Store application, but if you want to disable automatic updating for only one application, it is sufficient for you to go to the application page in the Play Store, then click on the sign 3 dots that appear at the top of the application and remove the checkmark on the automatic update option.

6. Prevent children from purchasing paid applications

Sometimes when we leave our smartphones within the reach of our children, imaginative and unwanted things may happen, as happened previously with a parent who received the news of donating a thousand dollars when the phone was within the reach of his child who was spending time playing some applications, so he suggests you an application Play Store is one of the features called parental control, which enables you to add a password to access the Play Store application, and thus your child will not be able to purchase any application from this store, this of course if you have an account in a store without a store linked to a bank card

To activate this option, go to the Play Store settings, then choose the parental control feature, and then activate the parental controls option, and then enter your own secret code.

7. Restore all applications that you previously installed on your phone

In the Play Store application, you can identify and retrieve all the applications that were downloaded and installed in your phone, and all this you can do by pressing the My Applications and Games section, then go to the library, and you will find all the applications that have been installed in your Android phone.

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