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Guide about the “Marscoin” digital currency project and is it backed by “Elon Musk”?


 Guide about the “Marscoin” digital currency project and is it backed by “Elon Musk”?

Human life has evolved to the point of planning to live on Mars.

In 1990, researchers Robert Zubrin and David Baker published a feasibility study detailing plans for a trip to Mars and building a primitive base using the natural resources available on Mars.

NASA adopted the plan to travel to Mars 20 years after the last moon landing and eventually canceled it for budgetary reasons, but after another two decades, the chances of a government-funded colonialism are possible although it is small.

In 1998, the Mars Society was founded at a conference in Boulder, Colorado, and since then Robert Zubrin has led the organization to preserve the dream of sending humans to Mars within a decade.

Since that time, the Mars Society has built and operated two analog research stations, which has led to serious research into the human factor challenges facing humans in the mission to travel to Mars.

At the same time, the risks associated with asteroids threatening the planet, climate changes, giant volcanoes, epidemics, etc. have not decreased, all of which have led many scientists, researchers and thinkers to search for opportunities resulting from transcending technological boundaries, and to inspire new generations with the need for scientific exploration and thinking outside The Fund and the Search for Extraterrestrial Life.

The interesting thing is that there are plans and projects looking to issue a digital currency to be adopted on Mars, among these projects is the "Marscoin" project.

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What is the “Marscoin” digital currency project?

According to the official website of the project, the purpose of the coin is to support efforts aimed at life on Mars, as the coin aims to collect donations for the efforts of the Mars Society to settle on Mars through non-profit activities, research projects, volunteer work and funding activities related to space research.

Meaning that the digital currency, according to the aforementioned official website, aims to assist in the efforts to travel to Mars, and the more people who adopt the digital currency “Marscoin” and use it in their daily lives, the research of living on Mars will benefit more.

From what came in the description of the “Marscoin” project, it is a monetary alternative to Bitcoin, which would grow in purchasing power, and thus would of course be fully able to finance the developments directed to the establishment of the first living journey on Mars (directly or indirectly).

Objectives of the “Marscoin

According to the project’s official website, using the digital currency “Marscoin”, individuals will participate in the largest “Kickstarter” project ever, by supporting space awareness efforts while enabling humanity's first foothold on a planet other than Earth.

Once the “Marscoin” digital currency is adopted, the first extraterrestrial rule in the solar system can be paved or at least the effort to do so can be funded.

The increased value of “Marscoin” would mean more financial resources for travel to Mars.

The "Marscoin" crypto project works by means of a mining mechanism. According to the source, participation in coin mining and early participation will allow support for the future growth of living on Mars.

The digital currency “Marscoin” allows private transactions and anonymity, and the coin’s team aspires to make it work and mine Mars.

Digital currency "Marscoin" and "Elon Musk"

It is known that "Elon Musk", CEO of Tesla, is among those aspiring to travel to Mars and among those who provide material and moral support for this through the company he founded, which bears the name "Spacex".

Recently, “Mask” has become interested in heavily cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin and the digital currency “Dogecoin”.

"Elon Musk" believes that digital currencies are the future of money, and in a series of tweets that Musk published last week, I found interaction and inquiries about what will be the currency of Mars, is it the currency of "Dogecoin" or the currency of "Mars" and he answered that it is definitely the currency of "Marscoin".

The digital currency “Marscoin” rose after the tweet of “Mask” and reached a new record high of $ 2.5 on February 16, 2021.

Additional details about the digital currency “Marscoin”

Although the media momentum of “Marscoin” appeared only recently, it is one of the oldest cryptocurrencies, according to “coinmarketcap”, the currency has been in existence since March 2014.

“Coinmarketcap” was referring to the digital currency “Marscoin” as not belonging to “Elon Musk” as a note on the currency page to be deleted recently!

According to the same site, the coin has an estimated total circulation of 28 million MARS, with the total width of the mark not specified.

The digital currency “Marscoin” is ranked 881 in terms of total market capitalization, which is estimated at $ 6.7 million.

The currency does not trade on any major trading platform, neither Binance nor Coinbase ...

Although the currency is old and carries a project, as shown above, it did not receive attention, perhaps for several reasons, most notably the absence of information about the project team and a clear project plan, and the many fraudulent projects surrounding similar ideas that made many investors distant themselves from this currency that could not exceed a quarter of a dollar Throughout her short life, except for the anomalous rise after "Mask" tweet.

All that was presented above is not investment advice as much as an attempt to surround the “Marscoin” digital currency project and meet the desire of our community to know more about the details of this project.