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Guardiola: The winning streak for Manchester City is my greatest achievement


 Guardiola: The winning streak for Manchester City is my greatest achievement

Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola said that following his team's success in winning a streak of 20 consecutive victories in all competitions was one of his greatest achievements during his busy football career.

Defenders Robin Diaz and John Stones scored in City's 2-1 win over West Ham United on Saturday, boosting their lead in the Premier League by 13 points ahead of their neighbors, rivals and closest rivals, Manchester United.

City achieved a record of 100 points in its career to the title in the 2017-2018 season and won all four domestic titles in the following season, but Guardiola believes that the current series of victories, which comes in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, is one of his most prominent moments.

Guardiola said, "In this period, during this era, and with the current situation, the success in achieving 20 victories is perhaps one of the most prominent achievements we have achieved together in our marches."

He added, "This does not mean winning the title, but this period of time is the most difficult period in England, in light of not getting a rest for one week over a period of three or four months, and playing a match every three days, and with the Covid crisis, and the situation of injuries, so investigate." Such a march of successive victories means mental strength. "

Guardiola said the busy match schedule was definitely affecting the team, despite its success in making frequent changes in the squad.

"Mentally, it is difficult because we play so many matches every three days. People are starting to feel tired ... we have to get mental and physical rest. If it doesn't happen, then it cannot be tolerated," he added.

City play at home with Wolverhampton Wanderers on Tuesday.