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Grayscale plans to introduce more digital currency products to meet institutional demand


 Grayscale plans to introduce more digital currency products to meet institutional demand

Grayscale Investments LLC, the world's largest cryptocurrency asset manager, announced that it is studying several new digital currencies to present as potential products for institutional investors.

The New York-based company continues to look for ways to meet the growing investor demand for digital currencies with regulated, safe and familiar investment products.

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The company is currently studying the following digital currencies:

(AAVE), (BAT), (ADA), (LINK), (COMP), (ATOM), (MANA), (EOS), (FIL), (FLOW), (LPT), (MKR), (XMR) ), (NMR), (DOT), (RSR), (STX), (SUSHI), (SNX), (XTZ), (GRT), (UNI) and (YFI).

 Michael Sun Shin, CEO of Grayscale, said:
We may not convert each of these digital currencies into one of our prominent investment products.


But as a company that was at the forefront of linking the old financial system to the new financial system driven by the digital currency, we consider it our responsibility to introduce investors to more diversity in this field.

 The process for creating a structured investment product would be similar to that already provided by the company taking into account the review the company undertakes, setting up internal controls, regulatory considerations, and adequately secure custody arrangements.

Meaning, there is no guarantee that the aforementioned digital currencies will turn into an investment product for the company.

Grayscale said any newly created products would be announced separately at launch.

Grayscale currently offers eight individual asset mutual funds including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, ZEN, Stellar and ZEC.

The company also offers a single diversified fund (Grayscale Digital Large Cap Fund) that offers exposures to the best cryptocurrencies through total market capitalization.