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Google launches a new news platform in Australia


 Google launches a new news platform in Australia

Technology giant Google on Friday launched a new news platform in Australia that delivers the news it paid for, and has struck its own content deals with publishers in an effort to show that the legislation that Canberra has proposed to impose payments, the first of its kind in the world, is unnecessary.

The News Showcase platform was previously launched in dozens of countries, including Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom, and was scheduled to be launched in Australia this past June.

But Google delayed plans when Canberra moved to make paying Australian media companies a legal requirement, which is unprecedented anywhere else in the world.

The technology company, which continues to pressure the Australian government in private meetings: The legislation is impractical and forces it to withdraw from the country altogether if it is implemented.

Google claims that the News Showcase news platform provides an enhanced presentation of articles, and aims to give participating news publishers more ways to share important news to readers with direct control over presentation and branding.

The News Showcase limited edition launch in Australia sees seven local outlets, including the Canberra Times, participate in using their content.

Financial details of the content deals were not disclosed, and Google said in a statement: It is looking forward to entering into agreements with more Australian publishers, whose position is strengthened by Canberra's aggressive response against Google.

The new platform provides an alternative to the model put forward by the Australian government, and the vision remains for the participation of major publishers in the platform.

The product appears on Google News on Android, iOS and web version, and in Discover on iOS.

The offering comes against a backdrop of recent senators saying at parliamentary hearings: They can't tell if News Showcase is a suitable solution to support news publishers financially to some extent because the product has yet to be tested in Australia.

Under the proposed Canberra legislation, Google would have to pay Australian publishers a fee for content included in search results or news feeds as well.

While Google's general stance on a possible departure from the country remains consistent, the Australian Treasury Secretary said: Google's approach has been constructive in recent days during private meetings.

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The minister told reporters on Friday: “The Prime Minister and the Minister of Communications and I had a very constructive discussion with the President of Google, and Google has demonstrated a commitment to Australia, and we have demonstrated our commitment to the legislation.”

The search giant last year announced the launch of the News Showcase, with an initial commitment of $ 1 billion, to build partnerships with news publishers.