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Google integrates an important feature in Android 12 that users often demand


 Google integrates an important feature in Android 12 that users often demand

As we wait for Google to release the first preview of the N12 system over the next few days, we see how the next big update leaks don't stop. After seeing the possible radical change in design, we now know that Google can bring something useful to users that will be important to most large-screen cell phones now.

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It's a `` one-handed '' mode, a feature that has been implemented for many years with customization layers for most manufacturers like Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Motorola or Asus, but so far it's not a native Android feature.
According to XDA, Google is currently bringing One-handed mode natively to Android 12. This means that Pixel and other AOSP-based mobile phones will not have to create their own app to add this feature.

One-handed mode allows us to reduce the size of our mobile phone screen so that it displays a small interface rather than occupying almost 6 inches of its physical screen, as it can be reduced to a screen of about 4 inches so that the phone can be used comfortably with one hand.

According to the leak, this feature is activated by entering the phone to Settings> System> Gestures> One Hand. Therefore, it appears that by accessing this section, one-handed mode can be activated or deactivated.

It is not known how this One Hand mode will work in Android 12. It is not known if we can change the screen size to our liking or if it will provide us with some pre-set sizes. This feature is expected to arrive with Android 12 Developer Preview, a release that could be in the remainder of the month.