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Getting fantastic internet speed and the way to profit from it


 Getting fantastic internet speed and the way to profit from it

In this post, we will learn to have a remote computer through which you can access the Internet in an invisible way, as this computer is located on servers in America and other great countries as well as this computer is available at a large Internet speed that may reach 1 gigabyte per second. You can through the article Get On your default browser, with the operating system you want, for free, whether it is Windows or Linux, and jealousy follow me.

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You enter the site that you will find a link below the article. You register a new account on the site. You can register via a fake e-mail

After registering and activating the email, it will direct you to the home page, click on Real Time Testing on the left of the screen, the next page will appear for you. We choose an option if you want a Chrome browser or other browsers and their versions, as well as the type of computer operating system except for Windows or Mac and you can also try Browsing with an Android phone

As we see in the picture, the internet speed reaches 900 gigabytes per second, and the site is very fast, even if you have a very weak Internet speed, it works quickly and does not break

Note :
The site offers you 60 minutes and asks you to subscribe for that day, creating a new account by creating a fake email and creating a lot of accounts. File upload sites and we upload desired files such as movies, which are very large in size

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