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Applications to identify the types of plants and flowers by taking a single photo


The best applications to identify the types of plants and flowers by taking a single photo

By pressing your phone's camera button and directing it to any plant to take a picture of it, you can specify the name of this plant and its type as well as learn more about it through plant recognition applications whose idea of work is based on artificial intelligence technology, as these applications perform a comprehensive scan of the captured images and compare them with thousands of Pictures to get to the quality of the plant in the picture within a few seconds.

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Here is a list of the most important applications that help you get to know more about the plants and trees around you, it is worth noting that all of these applications are available on Android and IOS operating systems.


Among the most popular applications that help you learn about plant species is the "PlantNet" application, which is a completely free application available through both the Appstore and Google Play as well. It is also available as a website, and has been used by nearly 12 million users around the world since its inception in 2013.

Plant Snap

This application has the same characteristics as the previous application, except that it is distinguished by being able to identify 90% of the plants in the world, and it also provides you with a comprehensive description of each plant with tips on how to take care of it, the application is available in more than one language, including Arabic and English.

Picture This

It is the digital portal between man and nature and the application is distinguished from the rest of the applications dedicated to this type that its accuracy in identifying the quality of plants reaches nearly 99%, but it is not completely free, as the programmers of the application make it available for free during the first 7 days, and then requires a monthly subscription that starts From five dollars.

Seek by iNaturalist

The idea of the application is due to a joint cooperation between the California Academy of Sciences and the National Geographic Society, the application is not only intended to identify the identity of plants, but can also be used to identify bird and amphibian species.

The application is characterized by being available for children, it is not required to create an account to use, and it also stimulates the child to explore the different organisms around him, so it is a good educational method in his spare time