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Fairy apps should be on everyone's phone


 Fairy apps should be on everyone's phone

We continue with you in the surplus blog with the series of the best new applications that are released periodically and as we previously provided many applications that have won the admiration of many users, our appointment today is with a new package of useful applications that I strongly advise you to be present on your phone.

Our first application for this group does a task that is not new, but its features are new, and the task of this application is to save notes like regular notes applications, but this application relies on Markdown technology to be able to synchronize with many devices at the same time, and I mean by this that you can link the notes application on your computer Or your other phone with this application and then you can access all notes from one device only.

This application comes with a unique idea and we have always wished for its existence, namely private social networking, and I mean by this that the application is a social media platform, but it is only limited to relatives, friends and people that you challenge only, and this means that if you share something in the application, only your relatives will see it. In fact, this is a very important thing and is considered a very great awareness of the application programmer.

This application saves all the notifications that you receive on your phone and creates an automatic synchronization for them, and this may solve some problems for some users because sometimes we delete notifications and after a period of time we need them, and what is distinguished in the application is that you can specify the applications that you want to save their notifications.

Fourth application: DYNAMIC EARTH

We are now moving to the live wallpaper application, which adds a 3D animated background to the globe to your phone, and one of the advantages of this beautiful application is that it is of a small size and safe and does not affect your phone. Use it.

Fifth app: BeeCut

This application is considered one of the simplest applications for video editing and therefore it is aimed at beginners because through a set of simple steps you will be able to create your own video beautifully and easily.