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Elon Musk Downs ... Bitcoin Price "Too High"!


 Elon Musk Downs ... Bitcoin Price "Too High"!

Bitcoin hit new records, bringing its market price to quite a trillion dollars, which prompted Elon Musk to tweet through his Twitter account, saying that he sees Bitcoin and Ethereum prices high.

This came in response to Peter Schiff, a cryptocurrency skeptic and gold supporter.

There is a conflict between believers within the importance of cryptocurrencies capable of playing a task in hedging against risks like inflation on the one hand and skeptics on the opposite hand, and people who consider it a period of madness sparked by monetary and financial stimulus policies.

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And Bitcoin managed to interrupt new records, jumping over the past hours by 5.5%, surpassing the extent of $ 54.8 thousand for the primary time ever.

According to "coinmarketcap" website, digital currencies recorded combined gains of 90%, winning quite $ 783 billion, after its total market price rose from $ 879.3 billion at the top of last year’s transactions to about $ 1011.8 billion at this time.