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Do you have documents with valuable information? You can now earn money from them


 Do you have documents with valuable information? You can now earn money from them

In the past, adventurers would go all over the world in search of gold, but today, gold is information. We live in an era where data represents money and the big companies have made this clear by trying to steal our private information. But if we go to simpler dimensions, then many people will create databases with legitimate and above all valuable information. Therefore, we want to offer you a service that allows you to sell access to these documents with data that others may need.

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Only Sheets

It's the kind of store where you can upload your databases and documents to get income for them.
 The "Only Sheets" mechanism relies on "Google Docs" and is simply uploading a file and specifying the levels of access we want to sell and its price. Whoever wants to purchase will make the required payment and you will be able to view all information as per the permission granted. This way, you can leverage databases, research, and any project with valuable data of your own to sell.

 The site also works with documents and presentations, the goal is for you to be able to sell access to a document without allowing it to be shared in any other way.

that easy. It can be tried for free, and if you want to use it, you have to purchase the system for $ 20.