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Best Free Computer Antivirus 2021 for Malware


 Best Free Computer Antivirus 2021 for Malware

What is malware? You may have heard a lot about the term "malware", but at the same time you do not know what malware is and what its impact on devices is at first. Malware can be defined as malware that aims primarily to harm your computer. Or with data, and the malicious program can infect the computer in several different ways and be in the form of either viruses or spyware to steal data and information, or Trojans that perform some hidden actions on the devices without the knowledge of the device owner, such as sending, receiving and deleting files, etc.

Therefore, it is always preferable to download and install the best anti-virus programs on your device to protect and deal with such harmful viruses that infect your device and steal your data without realizing it. Not only that, but the following group of programs helps in deleting malicious programs and getting rid of one of the very annoying problems that most suffer from Computer and Internet users delete the annoying ads that appear on the browser, and remove the unwanted toolbar, which changes the main browser page and poses security risks to your privacy.

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Therefore, we have chosen a group of the best free computer antivirus programs for malware very carefully in order to help you secure your devices and secure the information and data stored on them from spying and theft only, you need to follow the following list and know the details about each program and then in the end select the appropriate program and start Download and install on your device now to ensure that you are well protected from these viruses and malware.

1. Bitdefender Antivirus Free

Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition comes at the forefront of the best free programs to protect against viruses and malware, and this is because it works on the computer quietly without showing notifications and messages as it happens in some other protection programs, and when the program identifies anything that poses a risk to the safety of the computer and information it will Quickly select it and then remove it completely from the computer without noticing it beside this, the program works to monitor the programs installed on your computer and monitor any program that may behave in something harmful to your information and computer security.

And when browsing the Internet, the program checks all links to the sites that you go to to protect you from unsafe websites that may harm your device, and as soon as you identify any type of malware, the program will quickly delete it permanently before it infiltrates your device, and the great thing about this program is that it performs an examination A device quickly every time you turn on the computer to ensure that there are no viruses or malware in the device Therefore, Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition is one of the best free programs in 2021 to protect devices from malware, and this version of the program does not carry any ads and is free of problems, and comes with an easy-to-use interface, which helps everyone in dealing with the program without the need for explanations Illustrative as in some other programs.

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As for some other features of the program, the most prominent of which is that the program works quickly on the device to address security risks in real time, and as we mentioned above it includes the feature of checking the system every time you turn on the computer, protection against new threats, and it works to combat the rootkit And scanning, response and active anti-virus, and in the end the program provides a report of everything that it does on your computer, the program is available and supports work on the Android system, the Mac system and the Windows system, and it can be downloaded now from the official website.

2. Avira Free Security Suite

The second program, Avira Free Security Suite, is aimed specifically at Internet users, as this program provides you with security and protection against all Internet threats completely free of charge with continuous updates to identify new viruses and malware and monitor them before infiltrating the computer. In addition, the Avira Free Security program works to combat various virus forms and protect and secure your computer in real time. Besides this, the program provides one of the really great features which is checking your home internet network to see if there is a security hole or not and helping you fix it to protect the network from hacking and breaching privacy.

This, and the program provides the option of safe browsing so that you remain the effort of identity and prevent others from tracking you on the Internet and knowing any details or information about you, and the program provides a system known as the "System Scan" which aims first and foremost to improve and speed up your computer and be driven Some other versions and versions of the program. This is not all about the program, but it provides you with a free VPN of up to 500MB per month. Hence, you do not need to download vpn software to hide your identity with Avira Free Security.

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The program is not only to protect against viruses and Internet threats, but also provides a "password manager" so that it manages the passwords stored on your computer and fully protects them from others' access to them. The program also provides what is known as a "privacy settings manager" to protect and prevent the privacy violation from Before intruders. Note, when you download and install Avira Free Security Suite on your computer, you will notice that you need to install and activate the features you need, meaning that the program does not run all the features with the download and installation.

Generally, the program is available free of charge on the official website and comes with a more than really wonderful interface, which helps computer users to deal with the program without any trouble, and I advise people who use the most of the Internet to try this program and get all the features and advantages above.

3. AVG AntiVirus Free

The third option is AVG AntiVirus Free, which comes with a new simple interface that makes the process of using the program more easy even with people with less experience in the field of computers, and has a scan or scan of the device much more effective than previous versions. However, the disadvantage of FG Antivirus is the large number of notifications while working on the computer. Therefore, if you are looking for an anti-malware program that works in silence, it is not recommended to use AVG AntiVirus Free in this case, as with everything that the program does, you will get a notification of this, which may be annoying to some users.

But at the same time, the program is very good and is considered one of the best programs specialized in fighting malware, and the program provides you with full protection when downloading from the Internet. Not only that, but it also protects you from harmful websites and links that may damage your device, one of the most powerful features to add to the program is remote control so that you will be able to run the computer scan process remotely through the screen of your smart phone, and this feature is sure to impress Lots of users for sure.

As for the paid version of AVG AntiVirus Free, it provides additional features and features that are not available in the free version, the most prominent of which is getting more security options, and the paid version also has much stronger protection when downloading from the internet, and it also provides a feature of data encryption to prevent it from being stolen. . However, this does not at all reduce the free version of the program.

With just one click, you can scan your computer with six types of scanner, and the program also allows you to specify a specific folder for scanning, and it provides a scheduling option so that you set the program to automatically scan the computer at the specified time without any interference from you, and the program checks for problems Computer-related performance and repair. It protects your computer and e-mail from all forms of harmful viruses.

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4. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Personally, I use Malwarebytes Anti-Malware on my computer because it is one of the best and most powerful programs specialized in preventing and fighting malware on the computer, Android and many other operating systems. As for the process of installing the program, it is quick and easy without taking much time, and you can use the program completely for free and try all the features for only 14 days, and when thinking about doing a scan or scanning the computer using this program, it will be very easy. Just, click on the program icon from the taskbar, then click on "Scan button" to start scanning my device and removing viruses and malware.

The program checks the memory and startup programs that work with the operation of the computer and the main folders of the system installed on your computer, while if you need to quickly scan the system on your device in a few seconds, then you can use a scan known as "Quick Scan", which is wonderful In the program, it provides you with the ability to select specific items for scanning by just clicking on "Custom Scan".

Also, you can scan files, folders or external drives through File Explorer on your computer by just right-clicking and selecting "Malwarebytes". Generally speaking, if you are looking for a powerful and effective option to completely delete and clean your device from malware, then this program is for you.

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5. SpyBot Search & Destroy

This program is a strong and ideal option to combat malware, fight spyware, protect your data and privacy from theft, and secure your device from malware infection. SpyBot Search & Destroy is a very old program, as it first appeared in the year 2000, the free version of the program provides you with the ability to scan your computer, find malware and spyware, and fix them so that they do not harm your computer.

The program is more a tool to repair the system installed on a computer than it is a protection program from spyware and malware. Generally, with just one click, you will be able to scan your computer and delete malware, and the program prevents others from tracking your activity through the "delete usage traces" feature provided by the program.

The program provides an easy mode for beginners or less experienced in dealing with computers, while experts can use the advanced mode with its additional tools and settings. Knowing that, the free version of Spybot - Search & Destroy does not include a virus scanner. Hence, you will need to download and install a separate antivirus program alongside this one.

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6. Emsisoft Emergency Kit

This program is likened to a savior because it cleans your computer infected with viruses and malware permanently. But it is not a preventative program. To clarify more, most protection programs work to prevent malware and spyware from reaching the devices, but this program does not do that, it is only used if a device is already infected with viruses and malware and you want to clean it and delete viruses, then after that it becomes useless.

One of the great things about the Emsisoft Emergency Kit is that it is a portable program or a portable program, meaning it does not need to be installed. Just download, and when you click on it, it will work with you immediately without going through the installation steps, so you can use it from a USB flash drive, and the requirements for running the program are very small, as it does not need either 200 MB of RAM.

Therefore, the program will run very efficiently on computers that have 1GB RAM. Generally, the Emsisoft Emergency Kit is the best option, especially if your device is already infected, as it can fix almost any program infected with viruses and malware.

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7. Avast anti-virus program

Avast anti-virus program is very popular among users of computers and phones, as it provides complete protection against viruses and Internet threats, and in the new version of Avast Anti-Virus, there has become a new option and feature in the program that helps users to check their devices from malware! Yes, with this program you will not need to install an additional program to protect against malware on your device.

Why is Avast Netvirus an ideal protection program? The program is available free of charge for desktop computers as well as for portable devices and smartphones. Hence, it is a perfect option and more than great, especially if you have multiple devices of your own. Avast is available completely free of charge, but there is a paid version of the program that provides some additional features, the most prominent of which is adjusting and configuring your computer to work better. Besides this, the paid version provides one of the most powerful features and advantages of anti-ransomware and file security.

Consequently, Avast Antivirus provides the ability to protect the computer from viruses and malware and this is in the free version, and it also provides the advantage of improving the performance of the computer and combating ransomware that is spreading at the present time very greatly and protecting your files and this is in the paid version of the program.

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8. Zemana AntiMalware

This program is considered one of the best programs to protect your computer from malicious programs and viruses due to its ability to detect file fingerprints and compare them to the cloud database in the event that they are downloaded or installed on your device and therefore it mainly depends on the cloud to protect your device from malicious attacks as it responds deterrence to any Threats and discover them at a tremendous speed, and the program uses the monitoring system for the device’s behavior to protect it from malicious and malicious software, which may be transmitted to your device through advertisements, for example or phishing attempts, and here the program works to stop installing and downloading any programs and applications that may be carrying viruses or malicious software to your device or even it was It is not desirable, either in terms of use, this program is very easy and does not require complications or learning to use it comes in a simple way as the main interface contains basic protection tasks in addition to the settings section that provides special settings for some programs, and in terms of the program’s work it is simple and very fast It does not require much time from you as it will only take you four minutes or less to install it On your device and after that, the program automatically starts working and protecting your device, and this program comes free of charge to combat malware and therefore it lacks some advanced features as it does not have active protection components nor does it have scanning settings as it lacks self-defense mechanisms and therefore it is recommended to use it as a protection tool Extra and not as the main tool of protection to count on.

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Program specifications:

The program is free for forty days.

It works with a cloud file fingerprint analysis system.

Comes with regular updates.

Program fee as one personal account: $ 24.95.

Program fee for 3 accounts: $ 58.95.

Program Advantages :

The program comes with great improvements and does not take up much space on your device.

Fast and easy to use.

It works without leaving any traces of malware on your computer.

Program disadvantages:

The possibility of detecting malware is somewhat weak.

Virus scanning takes a long time.

9. Malware Killer

This program is considered one of the programs that are used to remove viruses and malware from the computer, and this program is able to define cloud scanning and the basics of algorithms that can scan any threats or malicious attack in addition to that it has many other features necessary to secure your computer from malicious programs and others such as scheduling and isolating files This program works on Windows operating systems from versions of Windows 7 - 8 - 10, and the program comes with a size of 22.1 MB and you can only get it for an annual fee, as its price is about $ 19.96, and the program is easy to use and does not consume much of your device's resources As for the free version of the program, it works to detect malware and viruses, but it cannot remove or delete it permanently. You can activate the advanced version to obtain this feature and scan malware for an annual fee. As for the features that you will get for the free version, it is the ability to scan the device and withdraw And avoid and check any file at any time easily by dragging the file to the program window and leaving it for examination, with the ability to scan To the cloud, it is quick to install, does not take time, and is easy to use that does not require complications.

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Program specifications:

The program uses scanning through drag and drop.

The program contains an exclusion list for files that you do not want to be scanned.

The program also contains a restore point that enables you to remove the virus from your computer by reinstalling the operating system.

Annual program fee: $ 19.96.

Program Advantages :

The software uses cloud-based scanning.

Quick to install and easy to use.

The possibility of performing a deep scan by dragging and dropping files in the program.

The program requirements are low and do not need high systems.

Ability to detect malware.

Program disadvantages:

There are no automatic software updates.

You cannot get permanent and continuous protection in real time.

You can only enjoy all the features in the paid version.