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Before buying any Xiaomi phone, you must know this


 Before buying any Xiaomi phone, you must know this

If you have a Xiaomi phone, you might have heard and read some news about Google apps and the impossibility of using them on these devices. Some media outlets make meaningless statements and spread false or unverified information on this topic. Today we will tell you what is happening and if what Xiaomi has done with Google apps in China and can it really affect you.
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The news came from Xiaomi itself and told us that in China it will not be easy for the company's devices to install Google apps. So far, Chinese users who have purchased the Xiaomi mobile phone can use a VPN to easily install Google apps from Google Play Store and many other stores.
MIUI has now banned this process bypassing the state's ban on Google services. The Chinese user who buys Xiaomi right now won't have things that easy if he wants to install using Google apps.

The key to this news is that it only affects the Chinese ROM devices sold in this country. There is no news or reasons about the possibility of expanding this decision to other countries. Xiaomi cell phones that are sold in Arab countries, Europe, Latin America or India are safe from this decision and will continue to include Google's applications and mobile services.

 Be careful if you buy a Xiaomi phone in China!

We have already told you that this decision made by Xiaomi does not affect the cell phones sold in countries outside of China, but it does affect those sold in China from now on. It is known that many users continue to buy Xiaomi devices in import stores, mainly due to the relatively low prices.

If you bought a mobile phone in China from this point on, you should know that it will not come with Google services and apps. Nor will it be easy to download and install the APK for Google apps from Google Play or outside of it.