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Adobe makes it easy to share Photoshop projects


 Adobe makes it easy to share Photoshop projects

Adobe makes it easy for multiple people to work on the same file in Photoshop, Illustrator, or Fresco.

All three apps get a new feature called a call to edit, which lets you type in a collaborator's email address to send them access to the file you're working on.

The collaborator will not be able to work on the file directly beside you, but he will be able to open your work, make his own changes, and save and sync those changes again with your device.

Adobe makes it easy to share Photoshop projects

If someone is editing the file themselves, the new user is given the option to either make a copy or wait for the current editor to finish.

Although the feature is not Photoshop-style editing in Google Docs, it should be easier than sending a file back and forth by email.

The feature works with PSD files. And AI. Saved to Adobe's Cloud, it's available inside Adobe XD too, and it supports release history, so you can reverse course if a collaborator spoils something.

Adobe said:
This is a major time saver for teams working on shared projects, and in addition, we're bringing the new Preset Sync feature to Photoshop.

You can now sync your previous Photoshop settings wherever you use Photoshop, and this includes brushes, swatches, gradients, patterns, and shapes.

Preset Sync is arriving on the desktop version for Windows and Mac, and the synchronized brushes are soon available on the iPad version.

 Adobe announced that the feature was up and running in October, and the company is working steadily to build more collaboration features in Creative Cloud - the service that ties its suite of apps together - in hopes of making the platform fast, simple, and reliable enough that teams can rely on to move their documents.

Adobe recently updated a related feature that allows documents to be sent to others for review.

Photoshop and Illustrator can be downloaded from the Adobe website, and prices for the software start at $ 20.99 per month for the software, while the Adobe Creative Suite price starts at $ 52.99.